Trailer hitch mounted LED light

Larson Electronics has added a trailer hitch mounted LED Magnalight model for lighting in moderate sized work areas.

The Magnalight LEDTH-30X5W produces a 14,790 lumen light beam and includes a durable and adjustable trailer hitch mounting system that provides highly secure and stable placement of these telescoping lights to heights of eight feet.

The light offers a high powered LED lighting solution in a compact package combined with an innovative trailer hitch mounting system, the company said. It draws 150 watts at 12.2 amps from a 12 volt electrical system.  This LED light is mounted on a telescoping aluminum pole and uses an innovative trailer hitch mounting system that uses the vehicle’s trailer hitch to provide a stable mounting platform for the LED light system.

The light can be adjusted from 3 to 8 ft. tall and connects to standard trailer hitch receivers via a standard push bolt and slide pin. The trailer hitch mounting system also provides the ability to adjust the position of the entire unit by loosening a thumb bolt at the base of the hitch, which enables the mount to swivel 180 deg. Further adjustability is provided by the trunnion mounted LED light which allows the LED light heads to tilt through 270 deg. of vertical pan movement at the top of the tower. The LED light heads on these units are IP68 rated for weather and water proof protection for extreme durability under all manner of operating conditions.

“Generally operators in all fields have vehicles with trailer hitches available, so now Magnalight offers a low cost telescoping LED light tower that takes advantage of the trailer hitch and power supply available on most trucks and SUVs,” Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’  “Our trailer hitch mount option is available for all of our HID and LED lighting products.  We offer lighting solutions that work on 12/24 volts DC or 120V AC for utility vehicles equipped with inverters.  The telescoping light assembly collapses to a small, lightweight form factor for storage and portability, but once affixed the trailer hitch; the vehicle makes an ideal weighted base for even very high wind scenarios.”

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