Two-post lift for high-roof vans offered

Two-post lift for high-roof vans offered

Rotary Lift is now offering a two-post lift designed for high-roof vans such as the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Nissan NV and Ram ProMaster.

The extended-height SPO12 two-post lift option increases the lift’s overall height by 3 ft. It is available for both the standard and timesaving Shockwave SPO12 models.

“Some of the new European-style commercial vans are more than 9 ft. tall, which is considerably taller than traditional American vans,” said Jim Dirksen, vice president of light-duty lifting for Rotary Lift. “Technicians who attempt to service the new vans with standard or even older extended-height two-post lifts may not be able to raise the vehicles high enough for under-vehicle work. Rotary Lift’s new SPO12 EH3 extended-height option increases the SPO12 two-post lift’s overall height to more than 16 feet, providing the necessary clearance for technicians to position tall vehicles at a comfortable working height. With 12,000 lbs. of capacity, the lift is more than capable of picking up even the largest high-roof van.”

The Rotary Lift extended-height SPO12 two-post lift features a symmetric design that keeps the vehicle’s center of gravity directly between the columns for maximum stability. This provides an ideal setup for lifting large vehicles up to and including Class 3 work trucks and vans. The SPO12 lift is equipped with three-stage arms and adjustable frame-contact adapters for reaching a wide range of manufacturer-recommended pick-up points, and its lightweight aluminum stackable adapter inserts make setup easy.

When equipped with Rotary Lift’s patent-pending Shockwave technology, the SPO12 EH3 lift can raise a vehicle 80 in. in just 25 seconds and lower it in 19 seconds.

The Spotline laser spotting guide helps position the vehicle, projecting a green line into the middle of the bay. The technician simply lines up the middle of the vehicle hood or dash with the laser line and drives between the lift’s columns.


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