Updated tire pressure monitoring systems on tap for 2013

Vigia Tire Pressure System is incorporating advanced electronics into its automatic tire pressure monitoring systems for 2013. Vigia said the updates will improve system performance and reliability.

The new Vigia NM253 External System for trucks, buses and trailers features a compact display module that makes installation easier and aesthetically attractive, the company said.  Communication to the driver is improved with alarm sounds that vary with the magnitude of the pressure drop in tires. Model NM253 has an optional interface for remote monitoring via telematics.

Also available in the new Vigia lineup is the digital NM343. The NM343 display module generates the information that is transmitted via its interface to the existing vehicle’s satellite module and ultimately to the user’s telematics software. Users can access information on the status of the system from anywhere in the world on any computer or mobile device.

For trailers Vigia offers the internal system NM249. Hollow, reinforced and solid axles; fixed or lift axles, even steering axles, can be outfitted with the NM249, Vigia said.  The Vigia NM249 doesn’t pressurize the axle or hubs. Its rotating valve is placed outside the hub so no pressurized air or contaminants can enter the hub.

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