Wilson County Tire holds official opening of Marangoni Ringtread facility

Wilson County Tire and Retreading held an open house last week to celebrating its expanded operation, which now includes a Marangoni Ringtread retreading facility.

The open house featured a plant tour, Spot the Retread contest and an Out of Service tire demonstration. Guests were also provided lunch and could enter a drawing for the chance to win a set of eight commercial truck tires or four super singles to be retreaded using the Ringtread (The splice-less retread) system on the winner’s own casings.

Visitors tested their knowledge and skills when they tried to spot the difference between a tire that had been retreaded using the Ringtread system verses a new tire. Contestants identified the Ringtread 70% of the time as the new tire, said Marangoni.

Marangoni and Wilson County Tire associates guided guests on a step-by-step tour that explained the process of creating a retreaded tire from delivery to finish using the Ringtread system. Each station provided additional video demonstrations along with explanations from guides.

Wilson County Tire & Retreading also offers a mounted-wheel program, drive-up service and pickup and delivery.

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