Wireless diagnostics tool launched

Snap-On has released the new Verus Pro, a wireless diagnostics and information tool for professional technicians.

Verus Pro builds on the capabilities of the original Verus, Snap-on said, and integrates a scanner, scope, data manager, waveform library, schematics, TSBs, online technical forum, Fast-Track Troubleshooter, guided test procedures and verified repair tips in a single tool.

An optional ShopKey Repair Information System gives technicians quick access to complete repair guidance for virtually any light vehicle on the road.

“Verus Pro is our most powerful diagnostic platform ever, built for technicians who want solid quality hardware, long-term software and support, wireless productivity, broad vehicle coverage and access to web resources in the bay,” said Mark Schaefer, director of marketing for Snap-on Diagnostics.

Features of the Verus Pro include:

·         Expanded software suite that combines scanner, guided component tests, an online technical forum, expert information and optional repair information system

·         Exclusive Fast-Track Troubleshooter and online community that brings the latest tips and expertise from technicians around the country

·         Single vehicle ID shared across scanner, component test meter, repair information and data manager

·         Menus show exactly the systems and tests applicable to the selected vehicle

·         Hot-dockable 4-channel scope for extended reach and flexibility

·         Industry-leading scan tool functions, tests and coverage only found in expensive factory tools

·         Fast-Track guided component test procedures, known good test values and a waveform library to help verify good/bad components – avoid comebacks and unnecessary replacement of components

·         10.2-in. touchscreen with high-resolution for detailed graphing, precise results and easy to read information and schematics

·         Exclusive wireless scanning for 1980-newer vehicles and WiFi for freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the bay - move freely around the vehicle while running powerful bidirectional controls and viewing live data on the screen

·         “S” button to instantly capture screen images and provide navigation shortcuts

Verus Pro is also 3 lbs. lighter than the original Verus tablet, offers a single keyless adapter for OBD-II applications, faster bootup, and built-in digital camera to save and email repair records.

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