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Many fleets unable to leverage available data, survey finds

A new survey found that many motor carriers are failing to take advantage of available data that could lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their trucks. 

Fleet Advantage said that based on its online survey presented to more than 2,000 private and for-hire carriers executives, about one-third do not have a software platform that allows them to manage their TCO all in one place.

The survey also found many have no way of sharing reports across the organization, which makes it far harder to make critical decisions.

“What this survey shows is that many fleet executives today are still lacking access to a complete picture of data and analysis from sophisticated business intelligence tools that help everyone across the organization make critical decisions to operate more efficiently and lower bottom line costs,” said Jim Griffin, chief technology officer for Fleet Advantage.

More than one-quarter of respondents said their current software analysis platform does not combine financial and operations data together, while 48% said their current platform does not provide benchmarking reports for the industry or other similar fleets.

In addition, 62% said their platform does not or they are unsure if it produces a statement for each truck in the fleet, while 30% said they do not have easy access to reporting and analysis of this data. 

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