2013 Vehicle Graphics Awards: Hollandia Produce

Hollandia Produce

Carpinteria, CA

DESIGNER: Augustine Ideas, Roseville, CA


MARKING MATERIALS: Kwik-Zip heavy-duty vinyl and 3M Reflective

Hollandia Produce is all about providing fresh product. And to convey that message appropriately, the trucking fleet must be clean, safe and fresh.

Hollandia outfitted two of its trailers with images of its “Living Butter Lettuce.” The side of the trailers say all that needs to be said about the product, “Live Gourmet. Absolutely fresh because it’s still alive.” The trailer also includes the livegourmet.com website address and what appears to be water washing over the lettuce to keep it fresh and clean.

From the giant head of lettuce at the rear of the trailer to the nicely packaged lettuce as it appears on store shelves, the entire trailer graphic evokes pride in the product. (The packaging won a 2011 Impact Award for excellence in packaging, also proudly displayed on the trailer.)

“The main reason for having graphics on our trailers and also for introducing new graphics on our trailers is to increase consumer and brand awareness,” says CEO Peter Overgaag. “Everyone is a potential customer, and what better way to reach everyone out there than to have artwork on the streets for the public to see? It’s the perfect advertising tool to showcase our name, as well as new products.”

Employee morale, especially among drivers, has also gone up because of the graphics.

“If you have a product that is represented well in the public eye, then employees will take greater pride in the product they are representing,” adds Overgaag. “The appearance is important, no question. It looks very classy and attractive and improves safety because the truck is much more eye-catching. People are more likely to take notice and be aware of the truck. The reflective rear also improves safety while driving at night. And we have noticed the smooth vinyl sides are easier to clean than a printed surface.”

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