Accellos releases video for 3PL experts

Supply-chain software provider Accellos has released a new video in partnership with LSP. The short video, “Built for 3PL Experts: AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL,” describes the benefits of implementing a purpose-built 3PL solution, in an illustration-based, educational style, the company said.

The video illustrates the complexity that 3rd party logistic companies face each day and examine the positive influence that investing in a purpose-built 3PL solution offers. These benefits include the ability to create concurrent client-specific workflows for inbound, outbound, inventory control and value added services as well as the ability to handle processes more efficiently. 

The educational video can be viewed in its entirety at

“At Accellos, we feel we have a responsibility to educate the industry on the difference between a warehouse management solution and an enterprise 3PL solution. This video, along with other printed publications we have published, represents our contribution towards such education,” said Joe E. Couto, senior vice president & 3PL general manager.

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