Hendrickson Trucking employees ask to return to work

Unionized trucking employees of Hendrickson Trucking Co., Jackson, MI, have asked to be allowed to return to work. The workers have been on strike since the summer when labor negotiations broke down.

According to a Michigan Live report, Alan Sprague, president of the Teamsters Local 164 union, said the union put in a request to the trucking company asking it to allow the 25 employees to report to work. Workers have been without a contract since April.

“The picket lines are being removed,” Sprague said. “We’re more than willing to go back to the bargaining table and work out a new contract.”

As of Friday, Sprague said he had not heard back from the company about the union’s request.

Hendrickson has asked employees to contribute to their health insurance, in addition to other concessions. The company has said the costs to run the business continue to climb every year, and that employees need to make some sacrifices.

The Teamsters union recently filed unfair labor practice charges against the company with the National Labor Relations Board. That case remains open.

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