I Resolve…

Last week I used this space to tell you what I hoped Santa would bring NACFE for Christmas. This week it only seems fair for me to talk about what NACFE is going to do for the trucking industry in the New Year.

While we accomplished a great deal in 2015 — publishing five Confidence Reports, holding four workshops and attending more than 35 industry meetings and events — I don’t plan for us to rest on our laurels. In fact we are already hard at work on four more Confidence Reports covering testing, tractor aerodynamics, trailer aerodynamics, and low viscosity oil.

But we plan to do much more than that, so here are my resolutions for the New Year.

In 2016 NACFE resolves to:

  • Have completed Confidence Reports on the remaining technology solutions we identified in our Tech Guide located at www.truckingefficiency.org
  • Conduct at least four workshops — I assure you in cool, interesting places — to bring together manufacturers, suppliers, fleets, government agencies and other organizations for the open sharing of fuel economy best practices
  • Participate in as many trucking industry events as possible in order to continue to beat the drum about increasing mpgs
  • Provide real-world insights and observations to OEMs and suppliers so they can continue to make products that provide meaningful fuel savings at an affordable cost
  • Continue to be the neutral, unbiased source for all things related to freight efficiency
  • Help truckers move the average fuel usage closer to that 12 mile per gallon we have set as a goal and then look beyond that for the next milestone
  • Help manufacturers, suppliers and fleets make sense of Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 regulations so they can be successful in meeting the requirements of that rule
  • Launch Run On Less, a coast to coast road show that highlights fuel efficiency technologies and drivers who are achieving great mpg results

I could go on, but that seems like a lot to promise. However, I am confident we will accomplish these things in 2016 especially with your help. If there is something you think NACFE should resolve to do in the New Year, contact me at [email protected].

Hope 2016 is a great year for all of us in the trucking industry.

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