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New Fleet Advantage software gauges vehicle performance

FORT LAUDERDALE. Fleet Advantage launched its new real-time fleet performance software, ATLAAS (Advanced Truck Lifecycle Administrative Analytics Software) during the company’s conference on technology and safety in Hollywood, FL. According to the company, ATLAAS allows Fleet Advantage customers to gain visibility into the financial performance of class 8 trucks in their fleet. 

ATLAAS is a dashboard-driven software that allows private and transportation truck fleets to drill down into specific performance metrics of individual vehicles, or gain visibility into their entire portfolio, Fleet Advantage said. ATLAAS offers a user interface and interactive filters to view a variety of reports and export capabilities.

“With insight from ATLAAS analytics, private and transportation fleets can make more profitable decisions on their equipment to determine the optimal point of financial obsolescence, otherwise known as the ‘tipping point’,” said Jim Griffin, chief technology officer at Fleet Advantage. “Fleet professionals can now leverage this insight to better understand their equipment’s financial position so they can determine if it makes sense to continue operating or replace with newer equipment.”

ATLAAS is currently monitoring 20,000 tractors, providing monthly, quarterly and annual fleet budgeting. The data collection and interpretation has saved customers approximately $40 million and reduced harmful emissions by 125,000 metric tons since inception, according to Fleet Advantage. Using ATLAAS data, a fleet manager can dispatch fleet services to fix settings or issues as a result of certain truck performance data, determine fleet MPG goals and select trucks with better MPG for longer delivery routes, the company said.

“The biggest thing is that we’re taking all this data and making sense of it so you can make the decisions,” Griffin told Fleet Owner. “We’re not making up forecasts. We’re just making sure the data is very intuitive and not overwhelming.”

According to the company, ATLAAS can be used for:

  • Units reporting and tracking detail
  • MPG by model year, make, detail reporting and trends
  • Detailed exceptions reports (identifying trucks that need investigation)
  • Utilization reports (help to manage the vehicle scheduling to optimize mileage without incurring any overage or penalty miles on their lease)
  • Vehicle scorecard

ATLAAS also incorporates market changes as they occur and uses proprietary business intelligence to determine a truck’s economic “tipping point” and replacement feasibility by leveraging the cost comparison of areas such as maintenance, service and fuel efficiency, the company said. ATLAAS also incorporates vehicle depreciation and interest, damage repairs, and administration costs, the company added.

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