Stolen big rig crash blamed on zombies

A man who stole a big rig in Southern California, sped down the freeway causing several crashes injuring seven people before jackknifing and flipping the semi onto its side told police he was being chased by “zombies.”

Jerimiah Hartline, 19, allegedly stole the vehicle, which was loaded with strawberries, in Riverside County, according to an Epoch Times report. He then sped down Interstate 15 in Temecula and after several crashes, the rig overturned.

The truck was stolen when its driver got out to weigh it at scales. Hartline had hitched a ride with the trucker before he stole the rig.

California Highway Patrol Officer Nathan Baer said that Hartline said he was being “chased by zombies” and he had to leave immediately.

“He was arrested at the crash scene and appeared to be in an altered state, claiming he was being chased by zombies,” Baer said.

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