U.S. Xpress implements Kaazing management system

U.S. Xpress Enterprises has used Kaazing, a provider of enterprise web & mobile communication for live data delivery and creator of the HTML5 WebSocket system, to modernize its proprietary transportation management system, XPM, fleet management, planning and customer service.

According to Kaazing, U.S. Xpress’ new multi-screen, integrated web management experience delivers a continuous flow of live data, information, and communication across all its operations. This helps planners work with their regions to effectively plan their freights and fleets. U.S. Xpress is working to move customer service to a real-time push notification track-and-trace system. The current system can take up to two hours to track freight shipments. 

“Kaazing allows our internal applications to receive and deliver messages, information, activities, and third-party data through our web application in real-time,” said Bruce Odum, distributed application manager, U.S. Xpress.  “Our operators are much more productive – they manage their assigned trucks, drivers, and owner operators from planning, dispatch, to final real-time tracking. I see our first implementation using Kaazing as just the beginning. In the future, we would like to incorporate Kaazing-powered real-time alerts based on activity streams to help manage our fleets more efficiently.” 

As part of the new system, all operations have access to the web application. U.S. Xpress’ planners have access to their desktop planning apps as well as the web app. A planner is able to visually manage loads and fleets of trucks in an interactive map of the country. Planners can see loads and fleets in their state zones as well as other planners and their territories. If a planner needs to hand off a load to another planner, that interaction happens instantly and is depicted on the zoned map. 

A planner can also click on any truck on the map and see details of the truck’s information including driver, schedules, load detailed information, driving routes, maintenance schedule and more. Real-time activity alerts notify all planners who have subscribed to a given truck, and if customer service changes an appointment on a load, planners and carriers also receive real-time notifications and can review what changes were made to that truck and impact on the related fleet overall.

“We look forward to continuing to help U.S. Xpress revolutionize truckload carrier operations,” said John Donnelly III, executive vice president, Kaazing. “We’re helping their team streamline and automate operations by introducing a real-time notification and exception basis activity stream management process - all powered by our technology.  No longer will planners and fleet managers have to monitor driver by driver, or order by order. Ultimately, we’re helping their team increase their operational efficiencies, reducing time and costs for a leader in the logistics industry.”


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