Your Dec. 28 Pre-Trip: Severe weather across U.S. claims lives

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. In the past week, there have been 43 weather-related deaths across the country, and the most recent massive storm system has claimed 24 of those lives, according to a CNN report. This system has spawned deadly tornadoes in Texas, flooding in the Midwest, and blizzard conditions in New Mexico. According to the report, the 24 deaths include 11 in the Dallas area, eight in Missouri, including four soldiers and five in southern Illinois. According to the National Weather Service, the system will gradually pull away by Tuesday, but flooding and “treacherous travel” could linger into midweek.

2. Researchers from UCLA’s School of Engineering and Applied Science have created a new “supermetal” that could be used to improve fuel efficiency in lighter airplanes, spacecraft and motor vehicles, Global Viral News reports. The new metal is composed of magnesium infused with a dense and even dispersal of ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles. Global Viral News has more.

3. According to a Reuters report, oil prices fell to around $37 a barrel on Monday, “trading within sight of an 11-year low.” According to the report, U.S. crude was trading above global benchmark Brent. A Commerzbank analyst said prices are expected to rise next year. Reuters has more.

4. More and more organizations, including trucking companies, across the country are getting involved with Wreaths Across America. According to an NTV ABC report, around 900,000 wreaths were laid across the country in 2015. “It’s a big increase from the 5,000 first donated by the Worcester Wreath Company in Maine about 20 years ago to Arlington National Cemetery,” according to the report. “The effort now takes thousands of volunteers.”

5. Washington Department of Transportation officials announced they have no plans to change snow plow lights from yellow to red, despite Idaho transportation officials’ reports of fewer mishaps after making the switch, according to Peninsula Daily News. Idaho officials maintain that since the state changed the rear lights on snowplows from yellow to red, there have been fewer accidents. Though Washington said it would not change the color of the lights, the state has equipped its plows with brighter LED bulbs.

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