Waste truck uses 4th generation Volvo hybrid technology

Capable of cutting fuel consumption by up to 20%, the Volvo FE Hybrid (also see video at bottom of this page) will be showcased as the world’s first heavy hybrid refuse truck at the IAA Exposition in Hanover, Germany, next week, according to the Swedish truck manufacturer. The refuse collection hybrid not only conserves fuel, but also offers exhaust-free and silent operation when stopped or traveling below speeds of 20 KPH, conditions that account for 70% of a typical refuse truck’s daily operation, Volvo said.

The truck, one of two currently undergoing fleet testing in Sweden, uses what Volvo calls its “fourth generation hybrid solution.” The new technology features the company’s I-SAM system that integrates the starter and alternator motor with the hybrid’s electrical power generating component. Other applications for I-SAM include the Volvo 7700 Hybrid Bus set to begin production next year and the Volvo L220F Hybrid wheeled loader also scheduled to begin limited production in 2009.

“Our (4th-generation) hybrid solution for heavy vehicles is completely different from anything that has existed in the market to date,” said Volvo Group president & CEO Leif Johansson in a company press release. “As a result of our volumes and resources, we have succeeded in developing a more standardized platform solution, which is a prerequisite for the hybrid technology’s ability to have a widespread commercial impact in the market for heavy vehicles.”

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