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New technologies on display in Cleantech Challenge

Across the commercial vehicle market, there are all sorts of people working on some pretty amazing projects that will ultimately make the trucking industry even more efficient than it already is.

The first-ever Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge was a blast. NACFE sponsored the event with Colorado Cleantech Industries Association, which has hosted these types of challenges with other industry sectors, such as oil and gas and mining for the past six years.

But this year was the first year for trucking and nine companies made pitches to an international team of judges who then voted on a winner. 

Eligible products and technologies were focused on the following areas:

  • Infrastructure for BEV and FCV vehicles
  • Cost reduction for electrification of the powertrain
  • Vehicle automation & connectivity
  • Driver attraction, retention, & health
  • On-vehicle hydrogen performance and cost
  • Truck and trailer refrigeration
  • Last-mile truck productivity

The winner of the $5,000 prize was Havelaar for its electric powertrain that provides driving and in-vehicle fast charging to fast charge the vehicle without having to rely on a fast-charging station.

Microgrid Lab was the runner up for its delivery software for planning, optimal sizing and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for buses and commercial vehicles.

Electriphi took third place for its software solution for energy and fleet management of commercial vehicles.

The event, which was held at the governor’s mansion, was a great opportunity to see some of the truly innovative developments that are taking place in the clean technology space as it applies to commercial vehicles. And to celebrate these brave entrepreneurial companies, all doing amazing work solving key problem areas.

Other participants were:

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the event for doing their part to advance clean technology in the trucking industry. Events like these are always so uplifting because I get to see first hand what some really creative minds are doing to move our industry forward. And they remind me that all across the commercial vehicle market there are all sorts of people working on some pretty amazing projects that will ultimately make our industry even more efficient than it already is.

Aren't we lucky to be part of all of this?

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