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NACFE Run on Less Regional

We need to understand regional haul better

NACFE's Run on Less Regional looks to get more data on the regional haul "trend." Including finding out if it's really a trend.

We recently announced Run on Less regional, a three-week fuel economy demonstration showcasing advancements in freight efficiency in the regional haul sector.

We’re defining regional haul as trucks that travel no more than 300 miles from their base.

We think this is an important segment of the market. In fact, our perception is that this is a growing segment in part because drivers want to be home more frequently but also because of the demand for shorter delivery times.

The growth of e-commerce has more people ordering products online rather than going to brick and mortar stores to make purchases. And those online orders need to be delivered. Add to that the fact that many consumers are moving to an expectation of next-day and in some cases same-day delivery. Some companies are adding more product warehouses, fulfillment centers and parts distribution warehouses in an effort to get the product closer to the end customer. This effectively shortens the length of haul.

But is some of this just a feeling? Are lengths of haul really getting shorter overall? Or is this just happening in some market segments? Are routes becoming more predictable? Are more dedicated routes popping up?

My concern is that many of us in the industry might be quoting each other when we talk about this “trend.” I think we need more factual information and a more real-world perspective.

As we continue to prepare for Run on Less Regional, it would be great to hear from fleets that have made changes in their operation or that have factual information on changes in the length of haul, driver requests to be home more, customer demands for more products more quickly.

As for manufacturers and technology developers, are there specific technologies that are emerging that will help promote more regional haul deliveries?  Email me at [email protected] or call me at 1-260-750-0106 to let me know what’s happening in your operation.

Run on Less 2017, our cross-country fuel efficiency roadshow, was a success because it reflected real-world conditions. As we embark on Run on Less Regional we want to make sure the demonstration reflects what is really happening in the market. You helped us do that two years ago, I know I can count on you to help us again.

For more information, you can view a promotional video and a flyer at those links explaining our plans and partnering opportunities.

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