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  • August 2022

    Photo: 69446481 | Jitchanamont | Dreamstime
    Dreamstime M 69446481

    Avoid vendors that don’t follow the four steps of RIST

    Aug. 29, 2022
    Mistakes in the truck tire and wheel industry can be costly. Before diving into the multiple ways that the proper torque can still result in loose wheels, the age-old practice...
    Photo courtesy of Truckstop.com | Design by Eric Van Egren
    Wit Kendra Tucker

    Truckstop CEO finds her fit

    Aug. 26, 2022
    Kendra Tucker, who joined Truckstop.com in 2020, brings 15 years of software expertise to the trucking industry.
    Photo courtesy of Vanita Johnson | Design by Eric Van Egren
    Wit Vanita Johnson
    For the Driver

    From educator to owner-operator

    Aug. 24, 2022
    How one owner-operator made her childhood dream a reality at age 49.
    Photo courtesy of SHE Trucking | Design by Eric Van Egren
    Wit Sharae Moore

    Creating a legacy of 'SHEroes'

    Aug. 24, 2022
    SHE Trucking’s founder is on a mission to advance more truck driving careers for women and minorities.
    Photo: DTNA | Designed by Eric Van Egeren
    Wit Mary

    Putting customers at the heart of truck product roadmap

    Aug. 23, 2022
    DTNA’s general manager of product strategy and market development stresses importance of a connected, safe working environment for all.

    More content from August 2022

    Wit Nicole

    An expedited path toward growth

    Aug. 23, 2022
    Nicole Glenn, CEO of Candor Expedite, thrives in the chaotic environment of logistics.
    Photo: 1388683378 | THEPALMER | Getty Images

    Women in Transportation 2022: Trailblazers in trucking

    Aug. 22, 2022
    This year, FleetOwner spoke with nine different women across the industry’s ranks. Each professional sees the potential that the industry has not only for women, but for the next...
    Photo courtesy of Dana Achartz | Design by Eric Van Egeren
    Wit Achartz

    Fleet safety director: 'My passion is my superpower'

    Aug. 22, 2022
    Commercial Transport's safety director stresses the importance of giving drivers the tools they need for success.
    Photo courtesy of Missy Albin | Design by Eric Van Egeren
    Wit Melissa

    Technician crushes common shop stereotypes

    Aug. 22, 2022
    A master-certified technician, Missy Albin has found success by taking control and through strategic problem-solving.
    177079650 Vitpho | Dreamstime
    Dreamstime M 177079650

    Opinion: The time suck of truck parking

    Aug. 3, 2022
    There’s about one parking spot for every 11 professional truck drivers operating on our roads today, causing them to dedicate around 56 minutes of drive time looking for places...