Phillips 66 adds new heavy-duty lubricants to line

Phillips 66 Lubricants announced the addition of two new heavy-duty synthetic transmission lubricants to its commercial product line—Triton Synthetic MTF and Kendall SHP Synthetic MTF.

“The new manual transmission fluids are full-synthetic, fuel-efficient transmission lubricants designed for use in heavy-duty commercial manual transmissions operating in extreme temperatures and extended service intervals,” the company said. “Both products are approved for service fill under the new Eaton PS-386 specification (supersedes Eaton PS-164 Rev 7).” 

“Our Triton Synthetic MTF and Kendall SHP Synthetic MTF were developed to provide excellent shear stability and anti-wear properties to protect synchronizers, reduce component wear and promote longer transmission life,” said Tony Negri, director of marketing, commercial lubricants. “Both products are ideal for use in newer, higher torque manual transmissions coupled with increased horsepower engines.”

According to the company, using these products in heavy-duty commercial manual transmissions will offer the following advantages:

  • Improved Fuel Economy – As a result of the superior lubricating properties and lower viscosity profile, expect fuel economy savings of 1.5% over the previous-generation SAE 50 manual transmission fluids
  • Excellent Shear Stability and Anti-wear – Protecting synchronizers, reducing component wear and gear micro-pitting, and promoting longer transmission life
  • Extended Drain Lubrication – Recommended for extended drain service in most heavy-duty manual transmissions, and fully approved under the new Eaton PS-386 specification for extended drain service (up to 500,000 miles in line-haul service) in Eaton Roadranger transmissions
  • Reduced Maintenance and Downtime – All of the advantages noted above translate directly into reduced maintenance and downtime
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