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The Boss lives! Here proudly displayed is a hunk of history - one of the original mud pullers that made Monster Truck Shows American cultural icons

The Boss lives!

Here proudly displayed is a hunk of history - one of the original “mud pullers” that made “Monster Truck Shows” American cultural icons in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The “Budweiser Boss” isn't as well known as the “Gravedigger,” but it sure is unique. Built and owned by Gary Collins of Eldorado Springs, MO, the “Boss” is a modified 1996 Ford Aeromax tractor sporting not one-get this — but two 540-cu-in hemi engines equipped with superchargers not to mention a take-charge four-wheel drive system.

“We pushed the lever on yield at a time when the market began to slow, and we paid for that in lower tonnage.”
— Douglas Stotlar, president & CEO, Con-way Inc

Knight shift

Mark Pigott, chairman & CEO of Paccar, parent of Kenworth and Peterbilt, recently was dubbed “Commander of the Order of the Crown” by Yves Leterme, minister-president of Belgium, in honor of the growth at Paccar's DAF European truck OEM subsidiary, which employs 2,000 at its plant in Westerlo, Belgium.

“It is an honor to accept this recognition on behalf of our DAF employees in Westerlo, whose dedication and creativity have enabled the company to become a world leader in the commercial vehicle industry,” said Pigott.

Snappy one-liner Fleet names we love

Crazy Bird Trucking Inc., Martin, TXL

Old & Mighty, Black & Shiny — Howard Trucking, Fairburn, OH

Beauty is in…

A Farm Tractor has pushed the Trucker Girl right off at least one set of mud flaps.


We're not going to call him a gun nut but FleetOwner Washington Editor Larry Kahaner has indeed penned the definitive work on that most ubiquitous of firearms — the AK-47 assault rifle — which has been noted in every report of guns blazing in hot spots around the globe since its invention by Mikhail Kalashnikov (who's still alive, how about that!) back in 1947. For a compelling look at the book and its subject, and how to buy a copy, go to

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