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Kenworth launches two new truck models Fleet Owner

Kenworth launches two new truck models

LOUISVILLE, KY. Kenworth Truck Co. unveiled two new truck models at the 2013 Mid America Trucking Show this week – the T880 vocational truck and a 52-in. mid-roof sleeper configuration for its T680 tractor.

Kevin Baney (pictured above), Kenworth’s chief engineer, said key attributes of the T880 include: a stamped aluminum cab with more interior space; a panoramic windshield for enhanced visibility; triple-sealed doors; a 5-piece hood for easier and faster repairs; air-assisted hydraulic clutch; complex reflector headlamps; and new lightweight, factory-installed lift axles.

The T880 is available in a 116.5-inch BBC and a 122.5-inch BBC standard length with two hood configurations: one designed specifically to better accommodate the company’s 12.9-liter Paccar MX-13 engine while the other larger hood covers the Cummins ISX15 engine option, which offers up to 600 hp and 2,050 lb-ft of torque.

Baney noted that Paccar updated the MX-13 for the 2013 model year, reducing its weight by 100 lbs. and improving fuel economy by some 3.5% over the previous version. It also offers onboard diagnostics and more engine ratings; up to 500 hp and 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque.

The 52-in. mid-roof sleeper configuration now being rolled out for Kenworth’s T680 tractor is designed to accommodate the need of tanker and flatbed fleets. However, the OEM offers an aerodynamic roof cap as well for its mid-roof sleeper for dray van trailer operations; a configuration that offers more upper bunk storage space as well, Baney noted.

Kenworth is also assessing aerodynamic cab roof and side fairing modifications for its K270 and K370 medium-duty cabover trucks designed by its brother company Leyland in the U.K. Those fairings, combined with an aerodynamically tapered truck body, helped improve fuel economy by 8% for the vehicle at highway speeds in U.K. road tests, according to the manufacturer.

Finally, the OEM showed off a special demonstration vehicle dubbed the T680 “Advantage” to demonstrate the possibilities for fuel economy savings if fleets engage in comprehensive spec’ing efforts integrating the powertrain, tractor, and trailer as a single unit.

Fitted out with a battery-powered Bergstrom engine-off air conditioning system, aerodynamic enhancements to reduce drag, wheel hub covers, and other improvements, the T680 “Advantage” is designed to show fleets how Kenworth can help them optimize the entire tractor-trailer to maximize fuel economy for their particular operation, Baney told Fleet Owner.

“We’re trying to show fleets how to develop tractor-trailers as a complete package, one that maximizes operational savings for them,” he said. 

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