Rooftop A/C, cab refrigeration being introduced by Dometic

LOUISVILLE, KY. Dometic Group is introducing two new products at the Mid-America Trucking Show this week, including a new rooftop air conditioning unit for trucks.

The commercial grade A/C is designed to overcome harsh and unusual road and weather conditions for heavy-duty cooling in tough environments, the company said.

“Many standard air conditioning units break down after just four hours of extreme vibration testing, while the Dometic commercial grade is still going strong at 30 hours and more,” said Charlie Barefoot, engineering director, Dometic Americas. “Dometic is committed to delivering the trucking industry innovative solutions to provide drivers with comfort and durability, regardless of road conditions.”

The A/C unit is rugged and strong and weighs 91 lbs. It features a top plate made of .040 galvanized steel, and the powder-coated base pan is 15% thicker than other models.

The unit controls vibration with L brackets that tie the motor, compressor and evaporator together. It also features long copper lines and dual rubber bushings at the top and bottom of the unit to control noise and vibration, Dometic pointed out.

Dometic also introduced the CD-50 drawer refrigerator for sleeper cabs which features a removable freezer compartment for maximizing space within the 50-liter unit.

“The CD-50 offers drivers the ability to hold generous amounts of frozen and refrigerated foods. Its rugged design, ultra-quiet operation and minimal power consumption make it a great solution for long-haul truckers who want the convenience of carrying their own food and drinks,” said Parry Tillison, commercial and passenger vehicle national sales manager, Dometic Americas.

The freezer compartment can hold three large-sized frozen meals. The freezer compartment, with door, has a 4-liter capacity.

Made with durable metal frame construction, the refrigerated includes continuously variable thermostat and a locking mechanism to keep the door securely closed. A venting feature allows easy defrosting and mildew prevention.

It is connection-ready for 12/24V DC operation, and has low-voltage protection.

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