SmartTruck unveils new “low profile” side fairing

To help further improve trailer fuel economy without impeding rear door usage, trailer aerodynamic device maker displayed a new low-profile version of its trailer side fairing system at the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show—a fairing that will be rolled out to the trucking industry in June.

The company said its new side fairings offer a 0.5% improvement in fuel economy compared to its previous model and – when combined with SmartTruck’s Under Tray aerodynamic system – can help deliver up to 10.5% in fuel savings.

SmartTruck noted that it undertook a re-design of its side fairing design because it would not fit on most reefer trailers with corrugated side panels and could at times impede the operation of the rear doors on both reefer and dry van trailer models.

Now, the company’s new narrower side fairing system – with a 1-inch profile compared to the previous 1.75-inch profile – fits both dry van and reefer trailers, can mesh with corrugated trailer panels, and provides better swing clearance for trailer doors. 

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