Tow Parade Poised to Set World Record

The Washington Tow Truck Association (WTTA) expects to make its mark in the Guinness World Records for organizing the largest tow truck parade in history last Friday at Wenatchee, WA for its annual Tow Show & Road-E-O.

WTTA administrator Vicky Scharlau told Fleet Owner that 83 detailed and freshly painted tow trucks adorned with bright lights and advertisements drove across streets from the north end of Wenatchee and made their way to the convention center in the middle of town.

However WTTA’s drive to set a record was not without drama— the parade was nearly set back by a wild fire that erupted nearby shortly before tow trucks started rolling.

“We started the parade at 8:45 p.m. and the fire started at 7:20,” Scharlau said. “There had been a fire in the nearby vicinity in the previous week. So the townspeople have had a heightened sensitivity to flashing lights— it turned out to be a 3-alarm fire.”

When the fire broke, local police who were originally assigned to direct the parade traffic responded as state patrols resumed traffic control to keep the parade rolling, Scharlau said. “The Washington State Patrol came to our rescue,” Scharlau said.

The record has not yet been confirmed by Guinness World Records, pending photos and verification required for review.

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