USF Glen Moore to Train Drivers with TREAD-1

Customized truckload carrier, USF Glen Moore, a part of US Freightways, recently signed an agreement with Instructional Technologies, Inc. (ITI) to provide TREAD-1 (Trucker Education and Development) driver training to all of USF Glen Moore’s 1,100 drivers. According to ITI, new e-MAC computers, modified to run only TREAD-1, have been shipped to 12 of the USF Glen Moore terminals and some drivers have already begun training.

Every driver at the Pennsylvania-based carrier will be expected to complete, on average, one of the 36 training units per month as part of their ongoing training, notes E. Bruce Weiss, executive vp of ITI. Specific additional training will be assigned as necessary to drivers who have been involved in an accident or a violation, he adds, and also provided as a regular part of new driver orientation.

The computer-based TREAD-1 lessons use high-end video and animation technology to deliver interactive lessons designed to be both effective and engaging. Units cover all the Basic Skills curriculum of the federally approved Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) program, Weiss notes, from Defensive Driving to Skid Control, Backing and Docking, Accident Procedures, Hours of Service and other essential skills and knowledge. Carriers also have the ability to monitor and document training driver-by-driver on a daily basis via secure on-line access to ITI’s training database, according to the company.

“During the past year, we totally rebuilt our database and networking capabilities so as to be able to provide the type of service USF Glen Moore and other large, nationwide carriers demand,” says Dr. James Voorhees, CEO of ITI. “We couldn’t be happier to have them as a client.”

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