Petro-Canada Oils Meets CI-4 Plus

Petro-Canada has announced that its Duron 15W-40 and XL Synthetic Blend 15W-40 heavy duty engine oils now meet the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) CI-4 Plus specification, which goes into effect September 1.

The new CI-4 standard requires engine oils to provide improved shear stability and soot-handling abilities for low-emission engines, said Jim Putz, category manager- commercial transportation products for Petro-Canada.

“With the increased soot loads generated by the new low-emission engines, it is essential to use a heavy duty engine oil with the highest soot-dispersion capabilities available,” he added. “As a result, it can improve cost-savings versus conventional oils through extended drain intervals and reduced engine wear, resulting in increased equipment life.”

The API CI-4 Plus specification is a supplement to the API CI-4 specification introduced in 2002. API CI-4 Plus was developed specifically to address the demands of lower emission 2004 diesel engines equipped with EGR systems, Putz noted.

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