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Ivan Shuts Down I-90 in Florida

Hurricane Ivan has caused structural damage on key bridges, resulting in a shutdown of I-10 and US 90 in Escambia County in Florida.

The Florida State Emergency Response Team said the east and westbound sides on both ends of the Escambia Bay Bridge are impassable. The US 90 bridge that parallels I-10 is closed due to damage to a relief bridge.

In Alabama:

Several roads across Alabama are closed due to trees, cables and debris obstructing lanes.

  • US 11 is closed in Sumter County
  • US 31 is closed in Lowndes and Butler counties
  • I-65 is closed in Chilton County
  • I-59 is closed in Greene County
  • US 90 along the Florida state line
  • US 80 is closed in Macon County
  • I-10 Eastbound is closed in Baldwin county to allow for emergency vehicles

    Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina were affected by Ivan, but had not reported any closures of major roads at press time.

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