Wabco Spotlights Safety Technology

Brussels, Belgium-based Wabco made a series of next-generation product announcements that may offer a glimpse of what’s to come for the trucking market. These announcements were made in advance of its display at the IAA commercial vehicle tradeshow in Hanover, Germany, slated to begin on September 23.

The products are as follows:

Adaptive cruise control for trucks and buses employs radar sensors to monitor traffic to maintain a constant distance from vehicles in front. The system activates the brakes when necessary.

Air disc brakes for trailers are lighter and more durable than previous models, Wabco said. Individual brake weight was reduced by 9 lbs., which could contribute to an overall vehicle weight reduction between 66 to 88 lbs., the manufacturer said. The brake pads have been thickened as well.

Electronic braking system has been improved to feature a more modular design and lighter components, Wabco said. Electronic stability controls or an adaptive cruise control interface are available as options.

VCS II Vario Compact, a technology for ABS offers two-thirds of the weight of its previous model, smaller profile and is easier to install, the manufacturer said.

Air system protector air dryer cartridge equipped with a coalescing filter to contribute to longer vehicle life.

Wabco is a producer of electronic braking, stability, suspension, and transmission control systems for heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

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