Pennsylvania adds regs for waste haulers

Pennsylvania adds regulations for waste haulers

Trucking companies that haul refuse in the state of Pennsylvania have a new law to comply with.

Under the Waste Transportation Safety Act signed into law last June, all waste trucks using Pennsylvania's waste facilities must now obtain special written authorization to dump their loads at those sites. Previously no special registration or license was required, said Pennsylvania's Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP). The program is designed to reduce illegal dumping at state landfills, the agency said.

DEP added that the new Waste Truck Safety Program required all waste truck owners to apply for an interim authorization sticker by Dec. 26 of this year. Trucks that do not have that sticker will be turned away from state landfills, the DEP warned.

DEP also noted that waste fleets must submit historic documentation of compliance with state and federal environmental protection and motor vehicle safety statutes to obtain final authorization under this new law.

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