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Teamsters say LTL contract talks off to good start

Teamsters say LTL contract talks off to good start

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters says that National Master Freight Agreement (NMFA) contract negotiations with LTL carriers are progressing smoothly -- so far.

Phil Young, the co-chairman of the Teamsters' negotiating committee, said in a statement last week that the successful resolution of supplemental agreements achieved with regional carriers is a "positive sign" for the national talks. "In the supplemental agreements, the Teamsters … didn't accept any concessions. We are continuing that success at the national talks," he added.

However, Young said the major issues in the national talks -- which began Dec. 16 -- still remain to be discussed. The Teamsters want to maintain and expand the benefits provided to the 80,000 members covered by the NMFA, including provisions to limit subcontracting, boost wages and improve grievance procedures, while maintaining health and pension benefits. The NMFA formally expires March 31, 2003.

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