Solar-powered trailer tracking

GeoLogic announces plans for TrailerMax Solar

GeoLogic Solutions today announced plans to add a solar-powered option to its TrailerMax trailer tracking system. According to GeoLogic, TrailerMax Solar will retain all of the functionality of TrailerMax, but will also utilize solar power for charging the battery when the trailer is not tethered to the tractor.

“The environmental and economical impact of using solar energy to assist with the overall management of the millions of trailers in the U.S. is enormous,” said Norman Thomas, GeoLogic’s director of asset management sales. “The battery replacement cost-savings offers a significant return on investment, but the real impact comes from giving motor carriers choices for maintaining battery power to ensure total system reliability.”

The TrailerMax system is a monitoring system for both tethered and untethered trailers that allows users to configure the circumstances in which it sends alerts.

The solar configuration would significantly reduce the maintenance of trailer-tracking devices, which typically requires battery replacements every two to three years, GeoLogic said.

“We consider TrailerMax Solar to be a virtually maintenance-free product,” said Thomas. “Sending one message per day, the system can last indefinitely without recharging from the tractor…With TrailerMax Solar, battery power is one less thing our customers have to worry about.”

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