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Mergers And Acquisitions

M&A experts forecast record deal volume in 2022

Feb. 1, 2022
Mergers and acquisitions could rise 20% over 2021 following the brisk pace of deals all over trucking last year, Tenney Group executives predict.

The number of mergers and acquisitions in 2022 could set a record—and there might be some surprising reasons that companies absorb other ones after several trends emerged last year, two experts with M&A broker Tenney Group said during a Jan. 27 webinar presented by the Truckload Carriers Association.

“I do think we’ll see record deal volume,” said Davis Looney, strategic adviser with Tenney Group, who predicted a 20% deal volume rise this year. He was joined by Spencer Tenney, president and CEO of Tenney Group. “I expect there will be a lot of headlines” about acquisitions, Looney added.

Tenney Group is an industry-specialized M&A advisory firm that has been dedicated to transportation and logistics since 1973. Tenney Group typically serves trucking companies with annual revenues ranging from $20 million to $300 million through sell-side representation services.

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The truck driver shortage—estimated to be 80,000 right now and possibly headed toward 160,000 by the end of the decade—has become a driver of such deals industrywide, the webinar participants said.

“The talent war and inflation will drive companies to use acquisitions to specialize,” Tenney said. “We’ll see a major uptick in strategic-type acquisitions.”

“The key pain they’re trying to address is the driver shortage,” he said later in the webinar.

Looney added at one point: “We’re in a low-margin industry. There will be a major move to go out and buy talent. One of the stories I heard this year is everyone trying to figure out the driver recruitment issue.”

Also, list access to more used equipment—in the middle of an unprecedented ecommerce boom but also a shortage of new truck and trailer production because of component and supply shortages—as a catalyst for a lot of deal-making, he said.

The two Tenney Group executives also had some statistics that showed M&A activity booming in 2021 headed into 2022. Total transport and logistics deals increased 11% with a total deal value up 86%, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers statistics they cited.

Of the deals, 66% were strategic, meaning the companies wanted to expand, either into new but related businesses or in a segment they already occupied. Also of the deals, 83% were cash offers last year, up 68% in 2020, meaning M&As were getting done with more cash and in need of financing less.

There were big first-time buyers in the market, for example, Tenney said. Werner closed on a deal in July to acquire 80% of ECM Transport Group for $142 million, with an option to buy the remaining 20% of ECM within five years. It was Werner’s first-ever truckload sector acquisition.

These are some prominent mergers and acquisitions among fleets in the trucking the last few months covered by FleetOwner. Knight-Swift figured prominently in a lot of the deal-making:

Other notable 2021 deals, cited by Tenney, were:

The Tenney Group laid out anecdotal proof of the reasoning behind some of the deals, a lot of which involved employee well-being, from the participants in the M&A deals themselves:

  • “It is important to me to find the right ‘next’ home for my employees.”
  • “I want to see the business reach its full potential—through someone who wants to take the risks required.”
  • “We feel to attract the best talent and to keep it, we have to keep growing.”
  • “The buyer kept every one of my employees … and that was important to me.”
  • “We want to grow by 200% in the next five years—we expect acquisitions will play a key part in realizing that goal.”
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