Michelin widens wide-tire line

Michelin widens wide-tire line

LOUISVILLE, KY. Two new drive tires for Michelin’s X One wide single tire line have been introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The new X One XDA-HT Plus features a revised tread design that offers longer tread life while reducing road noise and stone retention, according to the company. The XDN 2 drive tire combines a high-traction tread with the company’s Matrix siping for long life.

Replacing the current X One XDA-HT, the new Plus model increases tread depth by 2/23rds-in. and tread width by 16 mm. It also offers better wet traction compared to the previous wide single tire drive model with optimized tread block distribution and wider groove bottoms, Michelin says.

The XDN 2 is an “all season” drive tire that maintains long tread life with tread locking Matrix siping that allows the tread blocks to function independently when needed for traction yet locks them together for better over-the-road wear resistance.

Like all X One tires, the XDA-HT Plus and XDN 2 are designed to replace a dual tire combination with a single wide tire, greatly reducing weight and offering significant fuel-economy improvements. All five X One tread designs feature Michelin’s Co-Ex dual compound technology for optimizing retreadability and the company’s patented Infincoil technology to help eliminate casing growth.

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