Thieves target trucks in Indiana truckstop

Police in Hancock County, IN, are still looking for two thieves that targeted semi-trailers parked at a local truckstop. Authorities said three suspects were spotted attempting to steal freight from trailers parked at the truckstop on Mt. Comfort Road early Sunday.

The suspects were attempting to steal a load of laundry detergent out of the back of a parked trailer.

One of the robbers was apprehended by police K-9 officers, but the other two suspects were able to elude capture, according to a WISH TV 8 News report.

Joe Kane, a trucker interviewed by the news station, said the attempt did not surprise him at all-- because it’s easy to get rid of stolen goods.

"They don't mess with the big stuff ‘cause they have serial numbers; they go after the Tides, sodas, chips-thing with no serial number, no records. They can dump that stuff on a wholesaler down the road and nobody knows," Kane told reporters.

The best way for truckers to protect themselves is to make themselves a "hard target," Kane added. "You have to watch and put a lock on the back of your load and don't park against a corn field."



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