Trailer software loading

Trailer software loading

RedPrairie Corp. has integrated a pallet and trailer load building software into its Extended Supply Chain Execution logistics solution

RedPrairie Corp. has integrated a pallet and trailer load building software capable of averaging a 6 to 7% boost in trailer utilization when used with its Extended Supply Chain Execution logistics solution, the software maker said. According to a RedPrairie executive, PalletCtl optimizes trailer utilization by working in tandem with routing software—which sets the RedPrairie Solution apart.

“What we do that is unique is that we optimize loading with routing software to bring these shipments together,” Erv Bluemner, vp-product marketing transportation solutions for RedPrairie told FleetOwner. “It determines when a load would roughly fit into a truck and runs a post-analysis with load construction software to say we did a good job approximating the load.”

For example, PalletCtl increases trailer utilization if a post-analysis reveals there is 5% of trailer space remaining and the trailer could fit one more delivery. This is especially applicable with companies that deal in materials that pack efficiently, Bluemner said.

In addition to trailer utilization benefits, PalletCtl helps reduce damage during shipping and lower freight costs, RedPrairie said. It assists loading containers, trailers, railcars and airfreight containers by creating graphical loading instructions customized by the load and container specifications.

“PalletCtl is yet another tool in the RedPrairie Extended Supply Chain Execution suite of products that improves both worker productivity and product quality while lowering the total logistics costs for our customers,” said Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie product marketing leader for distribution products.

PalletCtl was developed by software company Ortec.

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