TransAm Chooses GeoLogic Tracking

TransAm Trucking equips GeoLogic MobileMax

Tracking systems company GeoLogic Solutions has announced that Kansas-City-based TransAm Trucking will equip its fleet of nearly 1,000 trucks with GeoLogic's MobileMax Multi-Mode communications system.

TransAm Trucking stated that it chose MobileMax based on its ability to automatically switch between satellite and "terrestrial" services.

“It came down to the fact that GeoLogic offers a reliable multi-mode solution that we firmly believe reduces our monthly communications costs, has 100% reliable coverage and helps us with theft recovery,” said Russ McElliott, TransAm COO.

TransAm will use the system to automate billing, payroll, fuel tax, and maintenance reporting and for automatic arrival/departure notifications. Drivers will be a be to use the onboard system to receive customer directions, send emergency notifications, and basic dispatch communication. TransAm will also use the system to monitor vehicle speed and idle-time, said Geologic.

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