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At the recent Mid-America Truck Show, Truck-Lite introduced two new Mini-Marker variations of its Model 33 LED lamp

At the recent Mid-America Truck Show, Truck-Lite introduced two new Mini-Marker variations of its Model 33 LED lamp. The new Amber Model 33 lamps provide protection from trees and flying debris at all forward and side lamp positions. In addition, Amber Model 33 PC Corner Lamps can be flush-mounted on trailer corners at a 45-degree angle. They shine in a wide arc, said Truck-Lite, exceeding both forward and side lighting requirements of FMVSS 108 for lamps designated by SAE Device Code PC2 as “combination clearance and side marker lamps.”

“Trailer builders can now offer their customers more durable, damage-resistant lighting,” said Bob Ives, vp of marketing. “The small size and ability to be mounted flush with minimal interior protrusion provides carriers with greater protection. That translates directly to lower operating costs. Fleets that previously avoided premium LEDs on trailers because of exposure to damage can now enjoy the benefits of LED lighting with greatly reduced replacement costs”

The flush-mounted Amber Model 33 LED Mini-Marker lights help prevent costly lighting damage because they enable trailer builders to design lamps into areas protected by top rails and structural members, according to Truck-Lite. By mounting lamps flush with trailer surfaces or recessed behind protective structural members, lamps are supported and damage from occasional contact is minimized. Even the PC corner lamps’ rounded lenses are shaped and supported to be virtually damage-free, the company stated.

Key features of the lamps include:

  • world’s smallest LED marker lamps for transportation industry
  • available in grommet and flange mount
  • hard-wired so they can easily be retrofitted with standard plug connections
  • less susceptible to shock and vibration
  • electronics completely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion and moisture
  • draws less current, allowing more power for other vehicle requirements

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