How do you rate as a quality salesperson?

Customers use a variety of criteria to judge the quality of a salesperson. Speaking at the 2017 NationaLease sales meeting, Rick Baker, National Account Executive for NationaLease, shared his thoughts on his RRate measurement system. 

  • R — Reliability: This measures how trustworthy a salesperson is. Do you do what you say you are going to do? Quality salespeople follow up on their promises to provide additional information, check a price or look into a problem.
  • R — Responsiveness: Customers also expect salespeople to be accessible. If you are not available when a customer or prospect calls, do you return calls promptly? Customers expect quick answers to their questions so it’s important to try to get them the information they need as quickly as possible. If you need more time to fulfill their request, communicate that to them. Don’t just leave them in the dark wondering if you are working on their request.
  • A — Assurance: Trucking is still a relationship business and prospects and customers want to do business with someone they know will be around in the future. Provide assurances that you will be available to them in the future and that you are competent and able to meet their needs.
  • T — Tangibles: This refers to the things the customer can see about you and your company and include factors like your appearance, the completeness and professionalism of your proposals and the cleanliness of your facility. These are seen as outward signs of your overall competence and professionalism as well as the competency of your company.
  • E — Empathy: Can your customers tell you genuinely care about them and their problems? Do really listen to their concerns and respond appropriately? Most people want someone to listen to them and acknowledge their problem. Make sure you demonstrate that you understand the customer’s problem and assure them that you will work hard to make things right.
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