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Get creative in your parts acquisition strategy

Sept. 29, 2022
If you want to retain drivers, it's essential to give them working equipment. Get creative to get the parts you need and keep truckers happy.

For the past two years, equipment-related issues have been at the top of drivers’ lists of complaints, according to PDA.

In commenting on data from the second quarter of this year, Scott Dismuke, PDA’s VP of operations, said, “Our equipment data includes tractor issues, mechanical/breakdowns, equipment assignment issues, on-board communication devices, APU/inverters, general maintenance issues, and trailer issues. We believe the increase in mechanical/breakdown issues is tied to aging fleets as a result of supply chain difficulties and companies' ability to get new trucks.”

It's clear that having properly functioning equipment is one of the keys to driver retention. It’s pretty basic: Drivers want to drive, and when equipment fails, drivers get very frustrated. If equipment breakdowns occur with regularity, drivers will look elsewhere for work.

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Parts shortages and supply chain issues have made it increasingly difficult for fleets to find maintenance and repair parts. On top of that, delays in delivery of new equipment means that they are operating older assets that are more prone to break down.

All of these factors coming together are putting tremendous pressure on fleet managers to keep vehicles in top operating condition. Unfortunately, in many cases the fleet’s local parts sources don't have the parts in stock that the fleet needs.

Steps fleets can take to locate the truck parts they need:

  • Reach out to dealers and distributors outside your local geographic area.
  • Switch from your preferred brand to another brand of the same part.
  • Use parts from an OEM’s all-makes parts program.
  • Move to a good or better part from the good-better-best product offering of parts manufacturers.
  • When parts are available, purchase more than needed to bolster inventory levels.
  • Purchase parts from an online parts supplier’s portal.

The parts shortage does not seem like it is going away anytime soon, and while it looks like order boards are open for 2023, many OEMs are indicating that dealers and fleets will once again be on allocation for new vehicles. It’s time to get creative in your efforts to ensure you have the parts you need to keep your trucks running and your drivers happy.

David Seewack is the founder and CEO of FinditParts. Seewack is focused on transforming how heavy-duty truck and trailer parts are bought and sold. Founded in 2010, FinditParts is the No. 1 supplier of these parts online, with more than 10 million SKUs available from more than 1,800 manufacturers and customers in over 210 countries.

About the Author

David Seewack

David Seewack is an entrepreneur and longtime commercial vehicle parts industry executive, whose leadership has consistently delivered innovative distribution and digital solutions to the truck parts aftermarket.

As the founder and CEO of FinditParts, Seewack is currently focused on transforming how heavy-duty truck and trailer parts are bought and sold. Founded in 2010, FinditParts is the No. 1 supplier of heavy-duty truck and trailer parts online, with more than 10 million individual SKUs available from more than 1,800 manufacturers and customers in over 210 countries.

Prior to starting FinditParts, Seewack’s leadership propelled Associated Truck Parts to its position as the largest supplier of heavy-duty truck parts in the western United States. Under his direction, ATP was sold to a Los Angeles private equity firm and became one of the first three companies to form 

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