QuickChat: Identifying the key differences between AGM, thin plate pure lead, gel and flooded lead acid batteries

Dec. 5, 2022
Learn from Vicki Hall at Odyssey Battery/Enersys when to choose each battery technology, whether flooded and TPPL batteries can be mixed, how vibration impacts battery life, and more.

Sponsored by Odyssey Battery / Enersys

No battery solution fits all functions, especially when you run a fleet with varying classes of vehicles. Fleets must never take for granted that they are optimizing their vehicles with the right battery, without specific knowledge of how these varying types of technologies are affected in differing environments and applications. In this QuickChat, Vicki Hall at Odyssey Battery/Enersys gives an overview of the different battery options, battery life, proper battery selection, and how to reduce fleet costs by picking the right battery.

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