ATA announces finalists for 2013-2014 America's Road Team

The American Trucking Assns. has named 32 finalists in the selection process to become Captains on the 2013-2014 America's Road Team. Sponsored by Volvo Trucks, America’s Road Team is a national public outreach program led by a small group of professional truck drivers who share superior driving skills, remarkable safety records and a strong desire to spread the word about safety on the highway.

To be nominated to serve as an America's Road Team Captain, professional truck drivers must be employed or leased to an ATA member company.  Each nominee should have an excellent safety record and should demonstrate an ability to communicate his or her commitment to safety and passion for the industry.  Nominees should also portray a positive image of the professional truck driver in all that they do.

The 32 finalists now move on to the final round of the selection process, which will be held Jan. 6-8, 2013 in Arlington, VA.  A panel of industry officials and trucking news media will judge the contestants on their knowledge of the trucking industry, dedication to safety, ability to communicate the industry's messages and overall safe driving record.

The newly chosen 2013-2014 America's Road Team will be announced on Jan. 9.  New Captains, after receiving their signature, navy blue America’s Road Team blazer, will begin their two-year term working to share the industry’s message of safety, essentially and sustainability with the motoring public, news media, business and community leaders, public officials and their fellow drivers across the nation.

Following are the 2013-2014 America's Road Team Finalists:

  • Bigalk, Mark, FedEx Ground        
  • Biggerstaff, Don, ABF Freight System, Inc.       
  • Borman, John,  Koch Trucking
  • Bramwell, Byron, YRC Freight 
  • Carlson, Ted, FedEx Freight 
  • Conklin, Donald, YRC Freight
  • Dean, Kevin, YRC Freight 
  • Evans, Herschel, Holland, Inc.
  • Galbraith, Mick,  Con-way Freight
  • Hamilton, Paul, YRC Freight   
  • Halford, Jeffrey, Con-way Freight 
  • Hatfield, Loren, ABF Freight System, Inc. 
  • Kirk, Neil, Penske Logistics  
  • Klang, Stephanie, Con-way Truckload 
  • Lex, John, Walmart Transportation 
  • Logan, Don, FedEx Freight
  • McKown, John, UPS Freight 
  • Miles, Rod, Con-way Freight
  • Miller, Thomas, Prime, Inc. 
  • Miskiewicz, Kevin, YRC Freight
  • Morrow, Bradley, Con-way Freight 
  • Putnam, Christine, Walmart Transportation
  • Savill, Paul, UPS Freight
  • Schmeckenbecher, Otto, ABF Freight System, Inc.
  • Schutte, James, UPS Freight
  • Starr, James, Groendyke Transportation
  • Stine, Todd, Carbon Express
  • Weeks, Clarence "Eddie", AAA Cooper 
  • Weis, Kirk, ABF Freight System, Inc. 
  • Wick, Nathan, UPS Freight 
  • Williams, Dale, Trimac Transportation 
  • Wold, Bryan, Con-way Freight   

“America’s Road Team represents the best of the best,” said Bill Graves, ATA president & CEO. “The 32 professional drivers selected as finalists all have impressive driving records, share a passion for safety and are engaged in their communities. We are honored to have them participate in this prestigious selection process.”

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