Buffalo lawyer goes to bat for truckers

Michael Perley of the law firm Hurwitz & Fine P.C. is on call around the clock for fleets and trucking clients, according to Buffalo Law Journal blogger Michael Petro. As head of their transportation and trucking negligence practice, Petro is on the other side of the fence from the San Antonio firm that recently ran the “Serial Killer Truck” ad in Maxim, defending truckers involved in accidents instead of suing them.

Getting to the scene of the accident quickly to interview the driver and witnesses is a key element to any defense, according the story.

When Perley gets a call about a truck accident, his firm responds by sending out its own investigators:

If we get the call early enough, our first goal is to get to the scene to make observations of the physical evidence that remains. I’ve been called within two hours, got to the scene shortly afte. Unfortunately, the vehicles have been moved, but I was still able to view the area and all of the signs of what happened were apparent. Other times, we don’t get called as quickly and we have to approach it another way.

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