Feral hogs a danger on America’s ‘fastest highway’

Speed isn’t the only danger on America’s “fastest highway,” the extension of the State Highway130 toll road connecting Austin and San Antonio Texas, which opened last Wednesday with an 85-mph speed limit, the highest in the U.S.

There is a large population of feral hogs that roam the area surrounding the 41-mi. strip of toll road, the first to allow an 85-mph speed limit, and police warn that drivers on the highway need to take special precautions, especially at night, to avoid hitting the large critters that can cause major damage if struck.


There have been three accidents involving wild animals — two of them wild hogs and the other a deer — in the first few days since the highway opened.

“If you’re traveling 85 mph and hit some of these hogs that are 200 lbs. plus, you’re most likely going to deploy your airbag … in your face, at 85 mph,” says M. Lummus, Lockhart police chief in a Fox News report. “There is very little time to react.”

“Might be better to drive a little slower, even though they say you can go 85,” he said.

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