Missouri to add truck parking spots on I-70

The Missouri Dept. of Transportation (MoDOT) announced plans use a $1 million federal grant to construct 60 truck parking spots on I-70 between St. Louis and Kansas City.

MoDOT research found that while the number of trucks that use rest area truck parking is less than the number of spots provided, Scott Marion, assistant director of motor carrier services for MoDOT, said that the issue isn’t the number of spots available, but when and where they are needed. Marion told KOMU News that on average of 50 trucks a night are forced to park on I-70 ramps.

“There are certain times during the day or the evening, and certain locations where we are actually over capacity,” Marion said.

MoDOT plans to construct the new spots near Wright City, where the most congestion is for truck parking, Marion said. The project is expected to be done in one year.

David Owens told KOMU News that finding an available parking spot on I-70 can be difficult.

“There’s been times when you pull in here, the parking areas are filled,” Owens said. “There is just nowhere to park."

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