New on-line training for drivers of medium-duty trucks now available from ITI

Instructional Technologies, Inc. (Pro-TREAD) recently introduced 11 new courses developed specifically for the needs of the operators of medium-duty trucks. The new on-line training modules include:  Avoiding Fixed Objects, Communication, Defensive Driving, Driver Distractions, Hazard Awareness, Lift Gate Safety, Seat Belts, Space Management, Speed Management, Visual Search, and Winter Driving.

These new courses are in addition to the library of 85 interactive, self-paced lessons, which are already accessible online or via an in-cab unit. Each course averages 30 minutes to complete, according to the company, and ranges from basic to advanced subject matters, covering everything from safety to fuel efficiency and pre-trip vehicle inspections. Drivers are required to exhibit mastery of course content by answering questions correctly every few minutes.

"We started researching the needs of medium-duty trucks a few years ago," said Dr. James Voorhees, CEO and founder of Instructional Technologies Inc. "We've worked with a number of our private fleet clients and over-the-road clients to provide the best of the best in terms of training for these drivers. These drivers experience heavier traffic, more stops and starts, more client interaction, and tighter spaces every single day than most long-haul drivers do in a month.Training takes on more importance, because medium-duty truck drivers have to be very alert at all times."

According to ITI, Pro-TREAD clients score, on average, 30 points better on each CSA BASIC than the industry average. More importantly, there's a positive correlation between the number of lessons taken per driver and the CSA BASIC score.

Pro-TREAD also maintains an online training management system that documents and stores each driver’s training history, a useful tool for proving compliance and for legal defense. Other areas covered include OSHA, Warehouse, Hazmat, and Workers’ Compensation.  ITI also offers Private Fleet Management Online, a series of five e-books created in conjunction with the National Private Truck Council.

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