ALK Maps offered across TMW Systems’ products

ALK Maps are now integrated across a variety of products offered within the TMW Systems’ portfolio of products. Both firms are part of Trimble.

ALK Maps are now available on:

  • Appian DirectRoute release 12.0 and DRTrack release 6.0
  • Web portal products CarrierHub and eStat version 1
  • Mobile communications solution D2Link 13.0.11
  • Innovative IES, Access and Access Plus Web Edition version 2014.1
  • TMWSuite Fuel Dispatch 15.10and TMW Operations 10
  • TMW Web Enterprise version 2014.1

The integration provides TMW customers access to interactive street-level maps with satellite imagery and optional weather overlays, real-time traffic and speed data with enhanced ETAs, hazardous materials routing functionality and more.

“TMW customers can benefit from the new visualization offerings now found within our TMS solutions,” said Scott Vanselous, TMW executive vice president of marketing. “The common Maps user interface across our products provides a means to visualize and obtain critical fleet and asset information in context with street level conditions, increase operational efficiencies and improve customer service.”

With the addition of ALK Maps, TMW customers gain capabilities such as interactive route planning and the modification and re-dispatch of existing routes before and during trips. Additional capabilities include the ability to conduct post trip route analysis for compliance, compare planned versus actual routes, review driver performance and generate out-of-route mileage reports.

“We’re excited about the presence of ALK Maps in a variety of TMW products. The value of leveraging a single source of commercial data across business critical products is substantial and we’re pleased to offer it to TMW customers,” said Dan Popkin, senior vice president, enterprise solutions, ALK.

ALK Maps is a web-based, customizable interactive mapping platform providing high-quality visualizations with precise geocoding and commercial routing for enterprise applications.

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