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Einride’s new smart trailer designed for its humanless Pods, other EV tractors

May 24, 2022
The Swedish designer of autonomous electric transports unveiled an electric trailer system and new freight-management apps for its Saga system. The company plans more Pods for U.S. freight operations this year.

Einride, the Swedish autonomous freight company that recently expanded into the U.S., has a newly designed trailer to go with software updates for its all-electric, humanless transportation systems.

The Einride Trailer, new apps, and user interface for the Saga platform were announced during a company event in Gothenburg, Sweden, on May 19. The new EV smart trailer is designed for Einride’s electric and autonomous vehicles but will be compatible with other Class 8 EV trailers, according to the company. 

“Einride is always thinking ahead of the curve,” Linnéa Kornehed Falck, company co-founder and CMO, told FleetOwner. “While other companies in the industry are trying to fit new solutions into old models, Einride looks to redesign an entire industry.” 

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Einride’s AV vehicles, which it calls Pods, are being implemented within GE Appliances’ terminal fleet on the 750-acre Appliance Park campus in Louisville, Kentucky, the two companies announced in October. Unlike other self-driving commercial vehicles, the Pods have no driver’s compartment and run on battery-electric power, making it what Einride calls an autonomous electric transport, or AET.

“It operates autonomously at SAE Level 4 and is truly cabless, with no space for a driver onboard,” Flack said. “The design is advantageous as it allows for lower weight, better aerodynamics, and with remote oversight, negates the need for a safety driver to be on board.” 

Pods are controlled by remote operators, who monitor the Pod’s state, environment, and tasking. Einride said the GE fleet additions would be the first time an autonomous electric truck operates on U.S. soil. GE Appliances and Einride plan to expand the fleet to terminals in Tennessee and Georgia, which could save 970 tons of CO2 in the first year, according to Einride.

The EV Einride Trailer

The Einride Trailer is designed for Pods and other EV tractors. Its AI shares cargo insights with real-time data across route planning, fill rates, cargo monitoring, and preventative maintenance. The European company said it has an extended range up to 650 km (403 miles) on a charge with the new Einride 320 kWh battery. While design refinements are on the horizon, the trailer is scheduled for initial production and pilot programs in 2023. 

Flack said the innovative trailer is an example of how her company is “reimagining the freight ecosystem. By innovating on a key product that hasn’t changed since its introduction and creating a new—and electric solution—we are able to further optimize fleet utilization and the total cost of operations.”

The Saga continues to be updated

Einride is also revamping its Saga digital platform, which was launched last year. Flack said the company is expanding and revising Saga’s UI with these new apps that will be available for customers in October:
  • Evolve: Generates plans for electrification and automation by identifying fleet operation sweet spots and defining potential environmental impact.
  • Explore: Visualizes data across cost insights, fill rates, CO2 emissions, etc. 
    • Book: Tracks shipments from creation to final delivery and can be integrated with shipper’s current order management system.
      • Orchestrate: Bridges communications between automated transport planning and human interaction to ensure the entire network of electric trucks and chargers are displayed in real-time.

        Additionally, Einride previewed its new API developer platform, Extend, and new premium Saga applications that will be available in the future.

        • Einride Extend: API developer platform will use Saga's models, data, and intelligence across open-source software. An alpha version of the Book API will be the first offering on the platform, which Einride said would create a scalable way to order transport via Einride Saga.
        • Deliver, Dock, and Own: More app features across driver instructions, connections between shipping terminals, and profitability monitoring will be added in future platform updates.

          Merging AV and EV in the U.S.

          “At the core of our product offering is Saga which is responsible for planning, executing, and tracking electric and autonomous freight operations,” Flack said. “Saga is the power behind the entire suite and is the key to success for our connected electric fleets. Without an intelligent digital platform, it is nearly impossible to operate electric freight in a way that is truly sustainable and cost-competitive with fossil fuels.”

          She added that the premium Saga apps would create even more transparency and control for shippers like Einride as a company, embracing both AV and EV freight transport. 

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          “While they both provide powerful solutions on their own, Einride’s pairing of EV and AV tech enables us to maximize sustainability and efficiency,” Flack explained. “Our commitment to electric power enables us to eliminate tailpipe emissions completely, keeping local pollution (affecting air quality in cities, etc.) to an absolute minimum. As a result, Einride customers have reduced their CO2 emissions by 90% compared to driving with diesel.”

          Einride, which has offices in New York, operates AET fleets in Sweden and the U.S. It recently partnered with Maersk to deliver 300 electric trucks for its U.S. terminal operations. Along with the GE Appliances deployment, Enride’s other U.S. partnerships include a deal with Bridgestone Tires to become the exclusive supplier for its U.S. vehicles. In addition, Einride will provide the rubber company with trucks and digital services to help electrify some of its transportation by 2025.  

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