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Drivewyze and Bestpass partnership aims to help fleets control toll costs

Jan. 5, 2023
The new collaboration between the weigh station bypass and trucking toll management providers includes a free report based on GPS data that shows companies' tolling pain points.

Connected truck services and weigh station bypass provider Drivewyze is teaming up with toll payment and management provider Bestpass to help fleets manage tolling pain points across the continent.

“It’s through the fleet lens that we really direct all our actions,” Brian Heath, Drivewyze chief executive, told FleetOwner. "We’re now offering an on-demand report that will allow a fleet to reference whether or not there’s any truth to a suspected overcharge, or a suspected violation, or a suspected case of fraud that hit the bottom line.”

Whether they are current customers or not, Heath explained that fleets can request a toll trip report based on the Drivewyze platform’s edge processing system. The technology is used to create areas with more detailed GPS cookie data to collect accurate toll road entry and exit events that fleets can use as a source of data when investigating violations, over-charging, and fraud incidents.

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With Bestpass’s toll data collection, this toll trip report offers fleets visibility and control to detect inaccurate tolling costs. Additionally, fleets can deliver controlled toll road notifications to drivers using any toll road in North America with Drivewyze Safety+. Heath said this helps improve the driver experience along with controlling costs. 

A fleet doesn’t need to be a Drivewyze or Bestpass customer to request a toll trip report. They can be prospects for either company or both. Fleets just need to agree to activate Drivewyze analytics on a compatible ELD to get a toll trip report. 

“We’ve experienced nothing but great support and service from both Drivewyze and Bestpass since switching to these providers,” said Brent Ellis, VP of business systems and process for Decker Truck Line (No. 132 on the FleetOwner 500: For-Hire list). “The decision couldn’t have been easier, and now that they’re partnering, managing these services on our end can only be better.”

Decker is among the 30% of Bestpass fleet customers who are also using Drivewyze, according to Tom Fogarty, the Bestpass chief executive. “The immediate opportunity is to provide better value but also bring those customers who have one or the other together to experience it,” he told FleetOwner. “We think it’s an exciting market for prospects to get seamless solutions in a box to both their challenges on the toll management and weigh station bypass sides.”

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Heath noted that it isn’t just about the current fleet customers of both companies. “There’s a whole bunch of trucks out there and fleets out there that can benefit from the free tool report along with an introduction to our respective services. Our aim is to impact the industry at large with this partnership.”

Drivewyze offers PreClear weigh station bypass services at more than 840 sites in 45 states and provinces. It also provides Drivewyze Safety+, including proactive in-cab safety alerts and driver-coaching service. It has features where fleets can create in-cab toll road notifications. Bestpass works with more than 50 tolling authorities across the U.S., providing a payment platform for commercial fleets with solutions for 100% of major toll roads.

Fogarty said the fleets that adopted Bestpass have seen their tolling violations fall by 80% or more. “We've got some great photos from some of the largest retailers in the world showing us their rooms of boxes of violations that they're trying to sort through and then they adopt Bestpass and they never look back,” he said. “We have some great things today to help demystify or solve the real headache of toll management. But as we look to the future, this partnership is really going to enable a lot of that data collaboration that makes it a lot easier.”

The partners are also collaborating to provide fleets with a smooth onboarding process and first-rate driver experience, whether they are Drivewyze customers adopting Bestpass services, Bestpass customers adopting Drivewyze, or net new customers of both.

“Fleets can access these savings as quickly as possible,” Fogarty said. “Paying the tolls is a good portion of the budget—but it’s really that efficiency and other safety indicators around it that is the true ROI that we each bring to fleets in saving them time, in addition to saving them money.”

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