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TrueTMS integrates Truckstop load search feature

Oct. 6, 2023
Integration creates an end-to-end solution to help small fleets better plan and dispatch loads. A connected app on the TrueTMS platform streamlines dispatcher-driver communications and shipment tracking.

TrueTMS, a transportation management system software provider for small fleets, has integrated a load search feature that gives users direct access to the Truckstop Load Board.

T3 Tech, the provider of TrueTMS, announced this latest addition to the TrueTMS platform earlier this week. The TMS offers a solution for small fleets to manage the entire lifecycle of freight transactions, from finding and planning the most profitable loads to dispatching drivers, tracking shipments, and efficiently completing payroll and invoicing. 

TB Trucking, a small owner-operator carrier that operates flatbeds out of Iowa, has been using TrueTMS for load planning for the past year. Office manager Heather Baumgartner uses the system to find loads and uses the software to send details to owner-operator Troy Baumgartner.

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“I find the best rates and loads and send all details to Troy via the TMS, and he receives the details in the app,” Heather Baumgartner said. “No follow-up text, email, or phone call is needed.”

Back in the office, she uses the TMS load tracker to give customers and brokers up-to-date ETAs for their freight. She said if a broker calls, she can pull up Troy’s location as it is integrated with his truck’s Motive ELD platform. 

“I love knowing exactly where our equipment is without constantly calling Troy. There are no back-and-forth phone calls and no guesswork,” she said. “That’s time back that I can devote to our customers.”

How the TrueTMS-Truckstop load search works

As part of the Truckstop integration, the TrueTMS platform enters the Truckstop Partner Marketplace, which includes solutions for carriers, brokers, and shippers.

Alan Alberto, director of partnerships and alliances at Truckstop, said the TrueTMS integration “is another example of Truckstop's commitment to empowering small fleet owners and owner-operators, helping them grow and scale their businesses. We welcome TrueTMS to our partner community as their offering matches the direct needs of our mutual customers.” 

By clicking the “Load Search” menu option in TrueTMS, users with a Truckstop account enter an origin, destination, and search radius to find available loads and contact information from the Truckstop Load Board. Once carriers find a load, they can use a drag-and-drop planning grid in TrueTMS to sequence and schedule loads for dispatch based on pickup and delivery appointments, travel time, miles, and drivers’ available service hours, among other factors.

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 “Our integration with Truckstop creates new opportunities for small fleets to improve their operations by finding better freight and doing it faster and more efficiently than ever before,” explained George Thellman, director of business development and strategic relations at TrueTMS. “We appreciate the Truckstop partnership for helping our customers gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.” 

Heather Baumgartner of TB Trucking said that before her small operation started using TruTMS, it took days to get invoices together, which delayed payments. “Now, as soon as a load is completed, I simply make sure everything matches up on the invoice, which takes minutes instead of hours, and send it out immediately,” she explained. “Our entire invoicing process is easier and faster, which has improved our cash flow.”

The cloud-based TrueTMS platform includes a connected app that streamlines dispatch-driver communications and shipment visibility. Drivers use the mobile app to capture load documents and trip expenses for the office to complete invoicing, payroll, and accounting work immediately. TrueTMS is compatible with more than 30 ELD providers to deliver real-time visibility of assets, driver hours, and other status details.

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