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Clarience makes Fus1on platform widely available, begins work on 2.0

Oct. 18, 2023
Fus1on was designed to address an emerging problem in the transportation industry: the inability of fleets to interpret information and create meaningful insights from a wide range of data.

AUSTIN, Texas—Clarience Technologies is making its Fus1on data platform commercially available to customers external to the company, representatives announced during a press conference from the company’s display at ATA MC&E here. Clarience also is beginning work on Fus1on 2.0, which will expand the digital fleet data platform beyond advanced trailer telematics and toward broader “smart fleet” solutions.

“We found that many of our fleet customers were asking for more than just the telematics—they want to connect that telematics solution and that data into their internal systems, to make more sense out of it and tie into their operations in general,” said Nada Jiddou, chief digital officer of Clarience Technologies.

When it was introduced a year ago, Clarience Technologies positioned Fus1on as the digital data and analytics platform that would power the company’s Road Ready advanced telematics solutions. Since then, Road Ready has been steadily migrating customers onto the Fus1on platform. Clarience Technologies expects all Road Ready customers to have migrated to the Fus1on platform by the end of the year, according to the company.

Fus1on was designed to address an emerging problem in the transportation industry: the inability of fleets to interpret data and create meaningful insights from a wide range of data—truck and trailer telematics, repair management platforms, TMS providers, electronic driver logs, automated inspections, asset lease management systems, and more.

“Large commercial carriers have been struggling to find meaning in disparate data sources for many years,” said Jiddou. “Even those who invested in their own systems to create the data integrations have realized the difficulty of the task. We saw this as an opportunity to help.”

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Not only can Fus1on show all data in a single pane of glass, but it also connects the dots between the operational, financial, and temporal data of the different aspects of fleet operations. Fus1on is also designed to be AI-ready.

“And you think, why would we do that? There are a million other platforms that are out there,” Jiddou said. “That's exactly the answer: There are a million platforms that are out there. And every fleet is having to go to each one.”

The platform has AI/ML capabilities that leverage machine learning principles, enabling the platform to learn more about a specific fleet as more data is ingested so that it can generate more meaningful insights over time. Additionally, its architecture can integrate predictive or generative AI tools to give the platform additional firepower should it be needed down the road.

As the Fus1on platform comes to market to fleet customers, Clarience Technologies is concurrently expanding its software development team to further enhance the capabilities of its fleet data platform. Details on Fus1on 2.0 will be made available in early 2024, with Jiddou telling FleetOwner that fleet beta testers are being selected and that the platform integration will likely in series, as new modules are developed and evaluated. 

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